About Brainstrom

Brainstorm International is a leading name in teaching foundational literacy as per NEP 2020.It was established in year 2007 by a passionate educator Dr. Harshita Sharma.She has over 20 years of experience in developing high impact literacy curriculum.

We are pioneer in implementing multisensory, systematic, structured, synthetic phonics programme in schools.

We have designed and implemented a unique, research based student centered literacy program and have been raising rock star readers. A dedicated and dynamic panel of experts is contributing towards the mission and vision of the company to make a difference in teaching literacy and to ensure that all children become independent readers and writers.


To empower teachers and parents igniting young minds to become global leaders through high impact training and mentoring.


To transform and inspire 1billion people to lead a happier, healthier, successful life and develop lifelong love for English language and literacy with holistic programmes by 31 st December 2032.

Our Values

  • Excellence in training, teaching resources and transforming
  • Excellence in holistic professional development
  • Honesty and Integrity are our guiding principles

Inside Brainstorm International

Variety of teaching techniques are used to fit the needs of diverse student population.

Students are encouraged to open their hearts and minds to the joy of learning. They discover their strengths and develop deep understanding of English language.

Brainstorm International has conducted training sessions in prestigious institutes like Podar Group of schools, DPS Group of schools, DAV Group of schools, Aditya Birla Group of schools, Children’s Academy, Symbiosis School, Thakur Public school, India International school, Brilliant Public School, Vardhman International schools and many more in India and UAE.

1.Why Brainstorm (Holistic & Balanced Approach-NEP)

We at brainstorm have 95% of students who are rockstar readers, writers and confident communicator in just few weeks. Innovative and creative ways of teaching Science of English reading, spelling and grammar.

Teaching language holistically Phonics-based approach and whole language approach combined together The balanced approach is where teachers follow what is appropriate for their classroom and where every child learns in a joyful and stress-free manner, by taking the best of multiple approaches.

Language is more than just listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Language serves the purpose of communication, thinking and making sense of the world through the processes of inferring and reasoning.

The focus should be on all aspects of language (semantic, syntactic and grapho-phonic), and not merely on phonics
What is taught, how it is taught and with what it is taught.

2.Why children are struggling to read in spite of best resources?

Reading is more challenging than speaking because reading is not natural unlike speaking.

Children learn to speak easily by listening and imitation.
For reading, children need know the sounds of alphabet and connect with symbols. Sounds symbol association in the early age is foundation for reading and writing. There are specific brain regions dedicated to speech and oral communication, but there is no specific brain centre dedicated to reading.

Instead, it requires multiple areas of the brain to collaborate via neurons.It entails transforming print into a word and words into images, thoughts, and memories.

Key components to build strong Foundational literacy skills —

  • Oral language Development
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Decoding
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading Fluency
  • Concept about print
  • Writing
  • Culture of Reading /inclination towards reading

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