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GIFT SMILE is also known as DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test). It is a scientific method based on the study of fingerprint dermal ridge formations. GIFT SMILE provides insights into an individual's innate talents, learning style, and potential areas of strength based on the correlation between fingerprint patterns and genetic predispositions.

Take our Gift Smile Test to uncover their unique attributes and potential.

What You'll Learn:

01. Personality Types & Intrinsic Potential:
Understand your child's personality traits and how they influence their potential.

02. Academic & Career Choices:
Gain insights into suitable academic paths and potential career choices based on your child's strengths.

03. Multiple Intelligence Distribution:
Discover the distribution of your child's multiple intelligences and how they can excel in different areas.

04. Inborn Talents & Learning Sensitivity:
Identify your child's inborn talents and their sensitivity towards learning.

05. Areas of Interest and Activities:
Explore the areas of interest and activities that align with your child's natural inclinations.

06. Innate Strengths and Weaknesses:
Learn about your child's innate strengths and areas where they may need additional support.

07. Preferred Learning Style, Speed & Pattern:
Understand how your child prefers to learn, their learning speed, and the patterns that suit them best.

Benefits of Gift Smile:

For Children (up to 12):
Strengthen Parent-Child Relationships:
Our program fosters better understanding and communication between parents and children.
Customized Learning:
Tailor-made programs ensure your child's learning needs are met, enhancing their happiness and development.

For Teenagers & Young Adults (age 12-25):

Subject Selection:
We guide teenagers in selecting the right subjects, setting a strong foundation for their future.
Career Roadmap:
Our program provides a clear roadmap for career and occupation selection, empowering young adults to make informed decisions.
Smart Personal Development:
Teenagers and young adults benefit from smart personal development strategies, preparing them for success in all aspects of life.

For Adults (Age 25+):

Ignite Your Passion:
Rediscover and pursue your passions, reigniting dreams you may have set aside.
Improved Relationships:
Our program helps improve relationships both at home and in the workplace, leading to a more fulfilling life.

Our program offers a range of outcomes that can transform your child's life:

Improved Academic Performance:
Learn mind power techniques to enhance overall academic performance and problem-solving skills.
Increased Self-Esteem:
Boost your child's self-esteem and concentration, laying a strong foundation for success.
Confidence Building:
Develop the confidence to set and achieve goals, empowering your child to reach new heights.
Enhanced Creativity:
Unlock your child's creative potential, fostering innovative thinking and expression.
Stress Management:
Equip your child with the tools to confidently deal with stress and challenges.
Stronger Relationships:
Strengthen relationships with parents, siblings, friends, and others, creating a supportive network.
Happiness and Fulfillment:
Cultivate a happy and fulfilled mindset, paving the way for a fulfilling life.
Realizing Dreams:
Create a life of your child's dreams by fulfilling their aspirations and desires.

Empower your child to excel in all aspects of life. Join our program today and witness the transformation firsthand!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Smile is for children and adults alike, offering a journey of self-discovery to unlock inborn strengths and talents. It’s a tool that empowers children to understand their unique gifts, guiding them towards a future of success and fulfillment.

A Gift Smile can help you understand your innate characteristics and aptitude, allowing for better teaching and development strategies. It can reveal your unique qualities and potential, enabling you to focus on areas of strength and avoid the deterioration of valuable abilities.

The GIFT SMILE test analyzes fingerprint patterns to identify different intelligences like logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, kinesthetic, and naturalistic. These insights help guide career and educational choices based on strengths and weaknesses.

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Course Rating

4.8 average based on 13976 ratings.

hima mohan
hima mohan
6 August 2023
The session was very informative and interactive. The tricks that were taught in the session by ma'am was very good. I will definitely implement those in class. Thank you very much ma'am.
vidula pinjan
vidula pinjan
5 August 2023
I had good experience and all my query were solved. We implement all the information shared by ma'am which helps in guiding children.
Shrutika deshmukh
Shrutika deshmukh
5 August 2023
Good afternoon, It was a great experience hearing and having a word with Ma'am she always guides and makes sure to make work and teaching easier and in a fun way method. I always look forward for a meeting and learn and upgrade my self by ma'am experience. Thankyou Mrs. Shrutika D Deshmukh
Neeta Shete
Neeta Shete
5 August 2023
All the staff members are very cooperative and kind to kids as well as parents.Todays meeting was awesome I became aware about my area of improvement towards my kids.thankyou mam and whole team for arranging an educative session hope to see some more during the year ahead. All the best to honorable mam and whole team of brain strom
Swapna Deshmukh
Swapna Deshmukh
5 August 2023
They are not following typical methods of teaching, which gives positive perspective to parents n child towards English learning. It's a best Institute for Phonics.
monica patil
monica patil
5 August 2023
It was nice meeting with you. ... You guide parents on how to teach their child to study. I like to thank you for the great support
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