Struggling Reader? How Online Phonics Classes Can Help Your Child Thrive In India


Enroll your Child to the Best Online Phonics Classes in India


With the Best Online Phonics Classes in India for Kids, you may now study phonics. A crucial component of any language is phonics. It is a study of sounds. These days, phonetics instruction is included in every school curriculum for younger students. 


Thus, the opportunity to fully understand this component is provided by the online phonics course. It’s also the most effective approach to educate kids on how to teach, according to studies. On the other hand, children’s online phonics provides all the necessary tips and tactics.

Generally, they link phonics with its two branches while teaching:

Phonemes: It is the tiniest sound unit. In English, there are roughly 44 phonemes. But it depends on different accents. In any case, words can be formed by assembling phonemes.

Graphemes: a technique for recording phonemes. A grapheme consists of one to four letters. As an example, a-Cat, ai-said, au-laugh, and aigh-straight.

Why is learning Phonics important?

All languages are challenging at first. English is a difficult language to master as well. Words that have the same spelling but distinct meanings are called opulence words. For example,


Bass – Kind of fish or deep voice

Bat – sports equipment or animal

Minute – tiny or unit of time

Furthermore, several terms have the same pronunciation but distinct spellings. Below are some examples of homophones:


Rode — Road

Sauce — Source

Scene — Seen

See — Sea

In addition, there are over 470,000 entries in the Merriam-Webster dictionary for English. A comparable figure was also recorded by the Oxford English Dictionary. English thus appears to be a difficult topic. Therefore, breaking apart the terms makes things easier to understand. Here’s when phonics becomes useful.

What is Phonics?

For children to have a comprehensive grasp of the English language, they must be able to manage and acquire essential skills. In addition to being able to recognise the letters, kids should also be able to turn them into words, turn words into sounds, and identify those sounds.


Nonetheless, kids must learn the relationship between letters and sounds. The reason for this is that sounds in the English language are represented by letters.


Therefore, the most popular method for teaching children how to do this is through phonics. Children learn to differentiate letters through phonics instruction. Additionally, become familiar with the sound that follows that letter. They also determine what constitutes a letter request modification. Of course, phonics helps kids understand words by using their sounds.

Key Benefits of Learning Phonics

Early Literacy Skills Enhancement

It is simpler to learn individual letter sounds than letter names. Simple words are easily formed by combining individual sounds. Children’s literacy development has benefited greatly from phonics instruction. Additionally, it facilitates quicker and more efficient reading skills. It’s also simpler to focus on the individual letters that make up the words.

Fitting Reading Exercise:

Reading is a mentally exhausting task. Still, it also fosters the intellectual development of young readers. Hence, the best phonics classes in India enable children to comprehend letters. Additionally, it gives children the resources they need to comprehend them. It increases writing and reading comprehension. However, it also fosters the growth of general thinking.

Faster Sound Symbol Recognition:

Additionally, phonic learners have excellent phonemic awareness. Which means:


Ability to hear

Capability to identify

Ability to manipulate letter symbols along with sound


Children who read extensively benefit from an expanded vocabulary and general knowledge. Young readers can improve their reading comprehension and learn how to decode new words while they read by using phonics. With continued practice, students will be able to grasp words’ general meanings while reading because this action will become second nature to them.


As kids get better at reading and discovering people, places, and events that are not related to them, they start to picture how they may feel in those circumstances. They have a fresh perspective on the world and can picture the descriptions they read more clearly.

Learning Syllable Structure:

A student who masters phonics will have a greater understanding of syllable structure. For instance, an open syllable will terminate in a vowel that produces a long sound, whereas a closed syllable will end in a consonant and have a short vowel. Phonics instruction makes English structures more understandable and clear.


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Children who receive phonics instruction read more actively, which enhances performance not only in English but in other areas as well. Kids are more adept at understanding different kinds of information from their curriculum.

Fun Learning:

Children’s phonics instruction is frequently intended to be enjoyable and interesting. For instance, games and lessons are frequently connected, and the lessons’ accompanying graphics are typically quite colourful. The ultimate goal of this strategy is to improve reading and writing skills overall by improving the learning process.


A technique called phonics helps develop young readers’ and writers’ creativity. Consequently, teaching phonics online would only foster their inventiveness. In addition to offering extensive activities, Brainstorm International offers the Best online phonics classes in India. We are aware of how important language proficiency is. 


If you can’t talk clearly on this day of competition, you’re already behind schedule. Therefore, we are pleased to include such interests in kids. In the long run, it will benefit them academically as well. Our trainers are the best at what they do. They are masters in their fields.